First 10-Mile Hike

A group of scouts started on the hiking merit badge which requires five 10-mile hikes, and one twenty-mile hike.  Here is a copy of our route,Screenshot and a photo from the dam on Lake Whitehall:


The boys are working on their hiking merit badge.


We hiked about 11.5 miles in about 4 hours, with an average speed of about 2.8 MPH.

Interested in Hiking or Backpacking Merit Badges?

Hiking Merit Badge ©

This spring and summer, Troop 18 leaders will be offering both the hiking and backpacking merit badges. At the meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd, we would like to find out which scouts would like to participate.

The hiking merit badge involves six day hikes — five that are 10 miles long, and one that is 20 miles long. These will be on either Saturday or Sunday on weekends when we don’t have other troop activities — during April, May, and June. We will also use these day hikes as preparation for the backing merit badge — making sure hikers are strong enough, and doing some hikes with the same

gear we’ll use for the backpacking trip.

The backpacking merit badge involves a single five-day trip that totals at least 30 miles. We will be hiking a portion of the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts over July 4th weekend, and a couple of extra days.

The two merit badges are unrelated, so scouts can do either one, or both. Anyone wanting to do

the backpacking badge will have to join at least one of the day hikes with full backpacking gear to demonstrate strength and readiness.