Summer Camp 2018

Our 2017 summer camp runs from Sunday, July 29, through Saturday, August 4.


The cost is $420 per scout, or $400 if paid by May 15th. Scouts doing an additional week (for example, Eagle Week) pay $300 for the second week.

Merit Badge Choices:

Here is a link to the new merit badge schedule: CAMP-SQUANTO-2018-MERIT-BADGE-SCHEDULE

Most scouts sign up for 3-4 merit badges during their week at camp. The pdf above has a full list of all the badges. You should note that some merit badges have certain restrictions. For example, age requirements or class size limitations apply to a few badges. These restrictions are outlined at the bottom of the schedule.

Medical Form and Medicine:

Each scout needs to have a completed medical form that is less than one year old.  The physician must fill out and sign parts B and C.  Your physician may provide their own form, but the scout medical form is also required — write “see attached” on the scout form to refer to the physician’s form.

A photocopy of BOTH SIDES of the scout’s insurance card is also required.

Here is a PDF of the BSA Medical Form

For scouts bringing medication to camp, there are some important rules:

For prescription medications:

  • Make sure the dosage on the bottle matches the dosage on the medical form
  • Medication MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL BOTTLE as provided by the pharmacy

For Over The Counter (OTC) medications:

  • All OTC medicine must be in new, unopened packages
  • OTC medicine must be listed on the medical form
  • Do not bring common OTC medicine like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or antihistamines.  The camp makes these available from their own supply.

Put all medicines in the smallest zip-lock bag that fits.  Using a Sharpie, write the scout’s name, Troop 18, Sioux Site, Week 5, on the bag.

DO NOT PACK the medicines and medical forms.  The scout must have these in hand as part of checking into camp.

Dropping Off and Checking In:

Families drop off at Camp Squanto.

Drop off time is between 12:30 and 1 PM on Sunday. It’s important to be on time, because we enter camp as a troop at 1 PM, and one late scout will hold up the whole troop. Camp trucks move the boys’ gear from the parking lot to our Sioux camp site near the pond.  We begin by checking in our medical forms with the nurses and turning over any medications to them.

Most scouts and families stop at Erickson’s Ice Cream in Carver, MA, on the way into camp.  It’s just off 495 S on the way to camp.  It’s a 1 hour drive, but it’s better to plan for 90 minutes so you have time to stop at Erickson’s.

Be advised: your GPS may lead you down the wrong path to Squanto, so it is a good idea to bring the route instructions. More on this below.

Parents can stay through the check-in, but if med forms and medicines are in good order, there is no reason to stay past 1 PM.

Scoutmasters go to camp earlier on Sunday to bring the troop gear and trailer to the site.  We can bring gear or scouts down with us, but this needs to be arranged in advance.

Picking Up:

Families pick up scouts on Saturday morning.  A closing ceremony starts at 9:30 AM at the parade field, and parents are encouraged to attend. After the ceremony (about 30-40 minutes), scouts can leave with their families.  Camp trucks bring the boys’ gear to the parking lot.  Most families will stop at Erickson’s for ice cream on the way home.


Please print and use these directions!  Because of a road closure where a road goes over a dam, your GPS is likely to bring you on the wrong route.  Part of the route is through Myles Standish State Forest and the small park roads can be confusing.  Google Maps will give you directions that include dirt roads.  Some GPS units recommend a route over two hours long through Plymouth.

Directions to Camp Squanto

What to Bring — Gear:

Follow the link What to Bring to see a document that describes personal gear.

Gear should be in a foot locker or trunk or backpack.  Outside the foot locker would be a sleeping bag and pillow. Gear is trucked down from the parking lot to the Sioux site by camp staff.  It’s best to avoid loose items.


A bug net to hang over the sleeping cot is important. You don’t want anything bothering you as you sleep and you most certainly don’t want anything getting into your sleeping bag. These can be hung from the ceiling of the tent or held up with dowels topped by tennis balls.  These pictures show how it works:

hungBugNet bugNetWithDowels

These bug nets can be purchased at WalMart, Natick Outdoor Store, and Sports Authority.

What to Bring — Money:

There will be a group photo of our troop.  The cost is $14.

For some merit badges, scouts need to buy supplies from the camp Trading Post.  Look at the What to Bring list to see the costs.

Scouts can buy drinks, ice cream, candy, water bottles, pocket knives, t-shirts, and other camp goodies at the Trading Post.  Be careful not to provide too much spending money, or your scout will end up buying too much junk food.

At check-in time, all money is kept “in the bank” with the scoutmaster.  This keeps money from getting lost, and we provide a little oversight to make sure the money is used for the important things first.

Sending Mail to Your Scout

If you want to send mail to your scout, please use this address:

(Name of Scout)
Troop 18 Milford – Sioux Site
Camp Squanto, BSA
PO Box 931
S. Carver MA 02366

You can call the camp office at 508-224-2010

You can fax the camp office at 508-224-9444

Instead of mailing, consider leaving your “mail” with a scoutmaster when we check in.  We will magically make it appear on Wednesday of camp.

Things to Leave at Home:

  • Cell phones and electronics
  • Expensive cameras (consider cheap disposable cameras — also available at the Trading Post)
  • The photography merit badge now requires a digital camera with an empty memory card
  • Aerosol cans of any type — paint, deodorant
  • Over-the-counter medicine.  Most are available at the nurse’s office

Adding an Extra Week of Camp – Provo:

Any scout can join a “provisional troop,” also called Provo, to have a second week of camp, or in place of going with the troop.  The activities and merit badges are all the same as the regular troop week.  “Provo” scouts from other troops are grouped together into a Provo troop.  The Provo scoutmasters are highly skilled at building camaraderie in a group of boys who don’t know each other.

A week of Provo costs $390, (or $265 if the scout also goes during the Troop 18 week). No registration is necessary for Provo, but the same medical forms used by the troop are required.  Just show up and pay on any of the Sundays that start a week of camp: July 3, July 10, July 17, July 24, August 7.

Eagle Week:

August 14-19 is Eagle week.  It is open to scouts aged 14 or higher, and rank First Class or higher.  It is especially designed to help scouts complete merit badges that are required to earn the rank of Eagle.  The cost is $390 (or $265 if the scout also camps with Troop 18).

Advanced registration is required.  Please work with a scoutmaster to get registered.

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT):

NYLT is leadership training for scouts aged 14 or higher, and rank of First Class or higher, and attended camp for at least two years.  NYLT focuses on leadership skills in general, and especially on skills to be Senior Patrol Leader in a troop.  NYLT is offered (June 25-26, July 1-3) and August 14 – 19.

Advanced registration is required.  Please work with a scoutmaster to get registered.

Venture Week:

Boys and girls aged 14-20 can attend Venture Week.  The scout picks one of five programs: COPE*, lifeguarding, “ranger,” equestrian, or SCUBA.  The entire week is then dedicated to that program.  Venture week is tailored to the strengths and skills of older scouts.  Venture week is August 7-13, and costs run between $265 and $600.

Advanced registration is required.  Please work with a scoutmaster to get registered. Parents: if you want to send a daughter, work with a scoutmaster to find and join a Venture Crew in the Milford area.

*COPE = Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience
SCUBA = Earn PADI certification for SCUBA (good for life)
Lifeguarding = BSA / Red Cross life guard certification