Further Info on January Events

First order of business is Stephen B’s Eagle Court! It’s this Saturday (Jan 7) at the Willow Brook Restaurant in Mendon. That will go from 3 to 5pm. Come on over and support your fellow scout. There will be food.

Then we have the Christmas tree pickup, which is this Sunday. If you have a vehicle that can fit dead Xmas trees in it, meet at the West Street Plaza (194 west street. It’s near Dairy Queen) at 8:15. Anyone who doesn’t plan on doing a route should meet at the transfer station at 8:45. This is a big event/fundraiser for us- we absolutely need all the scouts we can to help.

Weekend of the 21st is the freeze out trip. If you can go but didn’t tell anyone at the meeting, you need to let an adult know ASAP.

Happy New Year,