Troop 18 Weekly Meeting November 10th , 2015

Troop 18 Weekly Meeting November 10th , 2015

Senior Patrol Leader: Wyatt
Assistant Patrol Leader: Ian
Troop Quartermaster: Steven B.

                Patrol Files
                Pledge of Allegiance

               •    Thank You for Scouting for Food effort.
               •     Wreath Order Sheets due.
                •     November 11 Wednesday  9:30am Veterans Day Parade @ Stop & Shop Parking                        Lot (Sign-up)
               •    Post parade get together (NON Scouting event) Pizza and a movie: “Scouts Guide                       to the Zombie Apocalypse”. 
               •     Richardson’s Farm (Activities and Friends Invite )
               •     Town of Milford Sign Clean-up (time, date and locations tbd.)
               •    Thank You for Picking-up wood from Watson Place 

 Tasks Assignments
                •         New Crafter application
                •         Dave to fix tent
                •         Dave to return tent
                •         Clean-up

                •          Plan for Richardson Even: Activities, Equipment, Attendance.
               •          Web Site needs updates.
                •          Sign-up for Craft fair.

                •         Closing: Scout Pledge, updates.
                •         Mustangs (?)
               o   Leader:
               o   Asst. Patrol Leader:
               o   Quartermaster:
                •         Panthers
               o   Leader: Nathaniel
               o   Asst. Patrol Leader: TJ
               o   Quartermaster: Jeff
                •         Llamas
               o   Leader: Donovan
               o   Asst. Patrol Leader: Jeremy
               o   Quartermaster: Tim

               •         Sign-up for Craft Fair baking
               •         Sign-up for Craft Fair Friday Setup (2015/11/27  Friday)
               •         Sign-up for Craft Fair Saturday work (2015/11/28  Saturday)
               •         Sign-up for Craft Fair Saturday Clean-up (2015/11/28  Saturday)
               •         Wreaths Making / Decorating November 17th  troop meeting (Cindy Elliot,                           need replacement)
               •         Wreath pick-up (November 22 Sunday)
               •         X-Mas Tree Pick-up (Amy Boone?)

 Web Site:
                •         Web Master: Andy
                •         Asst. Web Master: Patrick
                •         Calendar needs to be up-to-date, and also have detail links
                •         Activities Need to be listed with documents and assignments
                •         Agenda Location needs to be created and published.

 Advancement (Mr. Matt F.)

                •         Need to provide Volunteer hours

                •         What are you working on as a Scout?

                •         Need to provide Camping Attendance

 Next Events:
•         2015/11/10 Tuesday Troop 18 meeting Wreath Orders Due
•         2015/11/11 Wednesday 9:30am Veterans Day Parade @ Stop & Shop Parking Lot
•         Finish Painting the Church tbd.
•         2015/11/14 – 15 8:00am  Saturday (@ Church) – Sunday Richardsons Farm
•         2015/11/17 Tuesday Troop 18 meeting Create Wreaths
•         2015/11/24 Tuesday Troop 18 meeting
•         2015/11/27  Friday 9am – Noon NO SCHOOL Craft Fair Setup @ Milford High School                Cafeteria
•         2015/11/28  Saturday 9:30am – 3:00pm Craft Fair Milford High School Cafeteria
•         2015/12/06  Sunday 9:30am – 3:00pm Merit Badge College