A Quick Reminder…

So, just reminding you guys that this week’s meeting (Jan. 31) will not be held at the church as it usually is. We are going to Midtown Fitness on Sumner St, near the John Smith Soccer Academy. We’ll be doing some games and stuff to get active. Don’t forget to wear a class B!

With Sincerity,

Patrick DeFronzo

Upcoming Events- January 2017 (also, meetings)

Coming up in January, we have two outstanding activities. The first is the Christmas Tree Pickup. That is Jan. 8, so mark your calendars. We really need all the help we can get for this one, so please help out even if you cannot stay the entire time.

The weekend of January 21 is our freezeout. We will be doing some sort of first aid station there. Remember that it will be January, so pack for very cold weather. We will go over proper layering and such in a future meeting.

Which reminds me… please do come to the meetings. Even if you don’t need advancement, we go over what is happening in the future, and if that doesn’t faze you, there are plenty of merit badges to earn. And if THAT isn’t interesting, you get to hang out with cool guys like me. So, I hope to see you all next Tuesday.


Patrick, your webmaster


Meeting Agenda- Tuesday October 11

So, here’s what the plan is for this Tuesday’s meeting:

7:00-7:10 — Pick movie for church sleepover.

7:10-7:35 — Meal plans. Go through what they are with new guys, then make them.

7:35-8:00 — Advancement.

8:00-8:25 — Game.

8:25 — Announcements, closing.

See you there,

Patrick DeFronzo

Upcoming News for December and January

Hello Troop,

Just as a quick  reminder to you all, there will not be a troop meeting next week (December 29), as schools will be closed. The last meting of the year is December 22. In other news, we have the Christmas tree pickup right at the start of January 2016, on Sunday the 3rd, so don’t forget about that. And on the second weekend of January (9-10) we have the cold (hopefully) toes trip! How exciting! I hope to see you all at the next meeting, and happy holidays.

Your friend, Patrick.


Holiday Schedule

Troop 18 Winter Season Schedule

December 23 – Small troop meeting to fix tents.

December 30: no troop meeting – no school

January 4, 8 AM to 1-2 PM, Christmas Tree Pickup. Ben and Amy Boone are organizing. Scouts needed in cars and at transfer station. Adults with pickups or trailers to drive.

January 6 – Regular troop meetings resume

January 10-11 – Cold Toes Camping in Milford quarries

January 30 – February 1: Ski Trip to Gunstock in NH

Food list for Court of Honor

  • Wing: diet soda
  • Elliott: iced tea
  • Probert: fruit salad
  • Rizoli: cookies
  • Maier: drings
  • Reimonn: water melon
  • Larson: macaroni salad
  • Boone: chips and salsa
  • Cashin: cookies
  • DeFronzo: taco salad
  • Flannery: dessert

Special Schedule for October 23 Troop Meeting

Younger scouts and those who haven’t done it before will meet at Hannaford at 6 PM for a session on how to shop for patrol meals. Class A uniforms, please.

Everyone else meets at the church at 7 PM prepared to play volleyball — no uniforms. The group will walk to Sumner St. for indoor volleyball. Parents should pick up at 8:45 at Midtown Family Fitness at 51 Sumner St.