Meeting Agenda- Tuesday October 11

So, here’s what the plan is for this Tuesday’s meeting:

7:00-7:10 — Pick movie for church sleepover.

7:10-7:35 — Meal plans. Go through what they are with new guys, then make them.

7:35-8:00 — Advancement.

8:00-8:25 — Game.

8:25 — Announcements, closing.

See you there,

Patrick DeFronzo

October 14-16 — Baseball Hall of Fame and Howe Caverns

Our October trip starts Friday night, October 14, at 7 PM at the church. We’ll have a pizza dinner and movie night and stay overnight at the church.

On Saturday morning, we’ll leave early for Oneonta and Cooperstown, NY, to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame and camp in Oneonta.

On Sunday morning, we’ll break camp and drive to Howe Caverns where we’ll take the cave tour. We’ll return to Milford after the tour and be home around 6 PM.

Here is the permission slip.



Update: Mt. Washington Trip

Hey everyone,

The weather is quite bad on Mt Washington, so instead we will be climbing Mt. Moosilauke. Other than that, everything is the same (departure time, etc.)

Make sure to bring warm clothes! It is very important. Gloves hats, jackets, etc. You really don’t want to get frostbite.

Patrick DeFronzo, signing off

A New Scouting Season- September Troop updates

Welcome back, everyone. School and scouting are starting back up, and Troop 18 has a few events planned for this September.

First is a Court of Honor. The first of the year will be the thirteenth of September. Make sure you are in full scout uniform so you look nice while getting your merit badges.

Second is a recruitment opportunity, because we need more scouts, if you hadn’t noticed. So, we will be going to the Milford Youth Center on September 19th, from 7 to 9 PM, during a community event there. We will have a troop table, and be showing off some scouting activities. If you can come, mark your calendar

Our trip this month is a Mt. Washington/Lonesome Lake hike on the weekend of the 24th. Make sure Mr. Reimonn knows you are going. I hope to see many of you there.

Here’s to a great year,

Patrick DeFronzo

Ready for Camp!

All the paperwork is done and we’re ready for camp.  Ian picked out great troop activities for the afternoons. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Here are a couple of reminders:

  • Scouts should wear swim trunks and have a towel in hand. We go directly to the swim test as part of checking in.  Wear shoes with closed toes.
  • If you’re bringing medicine, it should be in hand (not in your trunk) in a ziplock bag with your name on it.
  • Closed-toed shoes are needed at all times
  • Here’s a document to tell you what to bring
  • Here are directions on how to drive to Camp Squanto
  • Be there by 12:30 PM on Sunday. It takes 90 minutes to drive there. Eat lunch before you come.  The first meal at camp is dinner.
  • Pick-up is at 9 AM on Saturday
  • Here is what you need for cash:
    • $13 for the troop photo
    • No more than $20 for junk food at the Trading Post
    • $10 for the Electronics merit badge (3 scouts)
    • $20-$40 for the Robotics merit badge (2 scouts)

David Probert, Matt Flannery, and George Reimonn will be going down early on Sunday to drop off the troop trailer and set up some things in camp. If anyone needs a ride, please let us know and be prepared to leave at about 8 AM on Sunday morning.


Equipment lists for Squanto

Hey there scouts and families,

If you need some guidance packing for Squanto, you can get a pretty good checklist:

If you are going to Eagle Week, you can also use this link as an outline:

Obviously, you can bring items that are not on the list and are allowed (there is a list of prohibited items at the bottom of the Eagle Week checklist), but I would recommend using these while packing to make sure you have the essentials for camp. Also, do not forget money for troop photos or materials you need for a merit badge course! If you bring extra cash, an adult will keep it safe for you at the campsite until you need it, so make sure to drop your money off with the leaders once you get to camp.

See you there,

Patrick DeFronzo

Getting Ready for Squanto- The Gateway

Hello everyone,

We need to get to work on the gateway for this year’s trip to Squanto. This time the theme is movies, and at the meeting yesterday, we talked over what we want to have in the gateway. Now that is all set up, we actually need to make this stuff. If you can make it, there will be building sessions Saturday and Sunday, the 23rd and 24th of July. If you can make it, please come help, and wear clothes you wouldn’t mind ruining. Come to Ian’s house (15 Whitney St, Milford MA. Ian says the house numbers are all messed up, but we will probably be in the driveway anyway) anytime between 11 A.M. and 4 P.M . on the dates given. I sincerely hope to see you there, I will be sad if I don’t.

Yours in Friendship,

Patrick DeFronzo

June Bike Trip — Providence to Bristol

On Saturday, June 11, we are riding the East Narragansett Bay Bike Trail from Providence to Bristol and back. This is a day trip.

Meet at the church at 8:30 AM on Saturday, June 11th.  Please bring your bicycle, helmet, and water bottle. The high temperature is expected to be 72 degrees with chance of showers, so bring a long-sleeved shirt and rain jacket.

At the end of the ride, we will be have a bar-b-que lunch (Troop provided) at Haines Memorial State Park in Barrington. We expect to be back in Milford at around 2 PM.

Here is the permission slip: 2016-June-ProvidenceBristolBikeRide

There is no fee for this trip.  Please bring a completed permission slip to the church on Saturday morning.