Rock Gym Trip, 12/16-12/17

Hello Scouts,

This coming weekend is the Central Rock Gym Trip. We’ll leave on Saturday night, and be home in the morning of Sunday. If you plan on coming, you’ll need to fill out the waiver and the permission slip. Both are REQUIRED to climb. You can bring them to the meeting Tuesday along with the money. It is $65.


Patrick DeFronzo

Permission form


Richardson’s Farm Trip, 11/11-11/12 (Also V-Day parade)

Here is the Permission Form everyone! Just click the link for it.

Don’t forget, first of all, that we will be meeting at 9:30 AM in the 99 Resaurant/Stop and Shop Parking Lot for the parade Friday 11/10. That will end around noontime.

If you want to help build our bonfire for Richardson’s, we will meet Friday at the church immediately after the parade to go out and build it. We will stop and return to Milford around dusk (5:30-6 PM).

Now, the actual trip will be Saturday to Sunday. We will all meet at the church at 12 Saturday, and go out, have a nice day, light the fire at night, and go home Sunday morning. If you want to bring guests, that is fine; if you want to go home due to the cold, that is also okay. If you are going to stay, however, make sure to layer and bring plenty of warm clothes!

A side note: If you are bringing female guests who want to stay overnight, we need a woman adult to stay as well- check in with the group chat if you or someone you know would be interested in that.

Happy Veteran’s Day,


Troop 18 Holiday Wreath Sale

It’s time for our annual wreath sale again! Hooray!

Attached below you will find two documents. One is a illustrated guide of the products, and the other is the order form itself. I’d recommend getting a copy of both for your sales.

Make sure to get some sales! The more you sell, the greater your credit will be with the troop for dues and such like that. Also, it helps maintain the troop’s reserve funds.

Good luck out there!

Patrick DeFronzo


Troop 18 Holiday Wreath Flyer 2017

Troop 18 Wreath Order Form 2017 Troop 18 Holiday Wreath Flyer 2017

July 8 — Lowell Spinners Baseball Game and Visit Boott Cotton Mills Museum

On July 8th, the troop is visiting the Boott Cotton Mills Museum in Lowell, then going to watch the Lowell Spinners baseball game against the Connecticut Tigers.

Meet at the church at 2 PM on Saturday, July 8th. We’ll return about 10:30 PM.

The trip includes hot dog, chips, and drink at the ball game. Bring a little cash if you want more to eat.

Cost: $30
Here is the permission slip.

Camp Squanto Preparation

Hey troop 18!

Our week-long stay at Camp Squanto is only 2 months away, so it is time to get down to business.

First of these businesses is where you can get information. Camp Squanto’s “website” pages can be found here, on Old Colony Council’s Website. The website has undergone some remodeling and is kind of hard to navigate now, but clicking on “Leader’s guide” may lead you to some useful information. There is also an ample amount of information on this site under, “Camp Squanto 2017.”

Also, get your health forms in to Mr. Probert! He would like them, as well as any other paperwork (i.e. your activity schedule) by July 1. I would advise you get them to him before the scouting year is out, so you don’t have to hunt him down outside of a meeting. If you need any forms, it may help to shoot him an email.

We will be working on our gateway over the summer in preparation for camp, and the theme and ideas will be discussed at next week’s meeting.

There are a couple scouts that haven’t gone to Squanto yet, which is exciting, and there are a couple that will be enjoying their last year at Squanto as scouts. Let’s make it a good year, and not a painful and/or muddy one.

Bye now,

Patrick DeFronzo

May Camping and Bicycling Trip

We’ll be camping at Camp Greenough and biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail for our May 19-21 trip.

Meet at the church at 6 PM on Friday, May 19. Have dinner before you come or bring something to eat in the car.

Bring your bicycle, helmet, water bottle and normal camping gear. We’ll be sleeping in tents at Camp Greenough.

We’ll be back around Noon on Sunday.

Here is the permission slip.
ost is $30.

Troop Update- May 2017

Hey, troop!

We’ve got quite a lot going on this month, which is pretty exciting.

First thing is Robert Cashin’s eagle project, which he will be finishing up Sunday, May 7th. If you can come and help out anytime from 10am to 12 noon, he would appreciate that.

On May 16th, our normal meeting venue will be interrupted by a trip to the Midtown Racket business for a game of wall ball. I will be putting the directions on the group chat as well as here closer to the date scheduled.

The weekend of the 29th is the troop bike trip. Hopefully you can attend, and more information on that will be coming soon.

The meeting of the 23rd will be a scout skills meeting, which I believe is for the benefit of visiting Webelos Scouts. Keep that in mind going forward.

Also, we will be doing the Memorial Day parade this year, provided the town does as well. Mark your calendars for that.

That’s all for now. I’ll alert you to any more updates here or on the group chat.

May the 4th be with you,

Patrick DeFronzo


P.S. If you want to get in on the group chat, I will need your cell phone number (I believe it must be a smartphone). The easiest way to do this is most likely at a Tuesday meeting or other scouting event.

Our April Vacation Trip- most everything you need to know.

Hello everybody,

As you most likely know, our trip this April will b an extended-period trip to New York during April vacation from school. We’ll be meeting Thursday the 20th at the church at 12 noon. We’ll get back Sunday the 23rd, around noontime depending on traffic and such.

The permission slip is attached. Make sure you bring it! If you forget, Mr. Probert may have some Thursday.

Some things to consider for the trip: It is longer than our standard weekend trips, and the weather is forecasting some rain on Friday, and the temperature will range from 50 to 70 degrees throughout the trip. We will be doing quite a lot of walking going from one area to another, so be prepared and bring shoes you wouldn’t mind spending a day walking in. And as always, bring water. It will be pretty sunny most of the time we are down there, and some areas like the High Line park don’t have that much shade, so bring your bottles, and hats and sunscreen wouldn’t hurt as well.

Hope to see you Thursday,

Patrick DeFronzo

Here is the permission slip:

State of the Troop- 2-14-2017

Okay, we’ve got some updates to cover: trips, activities, etc.

The first weekend in March is our Camp Squanto camping trip. We will head down Friday, March 3 and come back around noon Sunday the 5th. Permission slip will go out soon.

Our April trip is in the works, and we are going to the big city of New York. We’ll be taking in some sights and doing some activities (planning is still in the works, as you can tell). More to come on that in the near future. It will be a 4-day trip during April vacation from school.

There will not be a meeting next week, the 21st. No school, so we won’t be meeting. Speaking of which, remember to come to the meetings, please! We’ve had very demoralizing attendance, and if you come, we can work together to plan and advance and have a good time!

Happy belated Valentin’s Day,

Patrick DeFronzo