Our April Vacation Trip- most everything you need to know.

Hello everybody,

As you most likely know, our trip this April will b an extended-period trip to New York during April vacation from school. We’ll be meeting Thursday the 20th at the church at 12 noon. We’ll get back Sunday the 23rd, around noontime depending on traffic and such.

The permission slip is attached. Make sure you bring it! If you forget, Mr. Probert may have some Thursday.

Some things to consider for the trip: It is longer than our standard weekend trips, and the weather is forecasting some rain on Friday, and the temperature will range from 50 to 70 degrees throughout the trip. We will be doing quite a lot of walking going from one area to another, so be prepared and bring shoes you wouldn’t mind spending a day walking in. And as always, bring water. It will be pretty sunny most of the time we are down there, and some areas like the High Line park don’t have that much shade, so bring your bottles, and hats and sunscreen wouldn’t hurt as well.

Hope to see you Thursday,

Patrick DeFronzo

Here is the permission slip:


State of the Troop- 2-14-2017

Okay, we’ve got some updates to cover: trips, activities, etc.

The first weekend in March is our Camp Squanto camping trip. We will head down Friday, March 3 and come back around noon Sunday the 5th. Permission slip will go out soon.

Our April trip is in the works, and we are going to the big city of New York. We’ll be taking in some sights and doing some activities (planning is still in the works, as you can tell). More to come on that in the near future. It will be a 4-day trip during April vacation from school.

There will not be a meeting next week, the 21st. No school, so we won’t be meeting. Speaking of which, remember to come to the meetings, please! We’ve had very demoralizing attendance, and if you come, we can work together to plan and advance and have a good time!

Happy belated Valentin’s Day,

Patrick DeFronzo

Movie Night and Ski Trip — February 4-5

Our February trip is dinner / movie night at the church on Saturday, February 4. Meet at the church at 6:30 PM.

On Sunday morning, at 6 AM, the group will head to Mt Sunapee for a day of skiing. Skiing ends at 4 PM, and we expect to be back in Milford around 6-6:30 PM on Sunday, February 5.

Here is the troop permission slip.

Anyone renting also needs to fill out and have parents sign the Mt. Sunapee rental form.


A Quick Reminder…

So, just reminding you guys that this week’s meeting (Jan. 31) will not be held at the church as it usually is. We are going to Midtown Fitness on Sumner St, near the John Smith Soccer Academy. We’ll be doing some games and stuff to get active. Don’t forget to wear a class B!

With Sincerity,

Patrick DeFronzo

Details on Freezeout Trip, 1/20-1/21

In case you missed the details at the last meeting, here’s the plan for the freezeout trip at Camp Resolute:

Those interested can come to the church Friday January 20 at 7:30 p.m. with your stuff. You’ll stay the night, and already be at the church with all your gear in the morning. If you can’t make Friday night, get to the church around 7 a.m. Saturday morning so we can go as a troop. There’ll be a bunch of activities up at Resolute being run by different troops, so we’ll do all that, then stay the night, and leave Sunday. If you plan on driving up to Resolute and are in dire need of directions, here they are

If you can’t stay either night, you do have the option of coming Saturday, participating in the events, and leaving that night.


See you there,

Patrick DeFronzo

Further Info on January Events

First order of business is Stephen B’s Eagle Court! It’s this Saturday (Jan 7) at the Willow Brook Restaurant in Mendon. That will go from 3 to 5pm. Come on over and support your fellow scout. There will be food.

Then we have the Christmas tree pickup, which is this Sunday. If you have a vehicle that can fit dead Xmas trees in it, meet at the West Street Plaza (194 west street. It’s near Dairy Queen) at 8:15. Anyone who doesn’t plan on doing a route should meet at the transfer station at 8:45. This is a big event/fundraiser for us- we absolutely need all the scouts we can to help.

Weekend of the 21st is the freeze out trip. If you can go but didn’t tell anyone at the meeting, you need to let an adult know ASAP.

Happy New Year,


Upcoming Events- January 2017 (also, meetings)

Coming up in January, we have two outstanding activities. The first is the Christmas Tree Pickup. That is Jan. 8, so mark your calendars. We really need all the help we can get for this one, so please help out even if you cannot stay the entire time.

The weekend of January 21 is our freezeout. We will be doing some sort of first aid station there. Remember that it will be January, so pack for very cold weather. We will go over proper layering and such in a future meeting.

Which reminds me… please do come to the meetings. Even if you don’t need advancement, we go over what is happening in the future, and if that doesn’t faze you, there are plenty of merit badges to earn. And if THAT isn’t interesting, you get to hang out with cool guys like me. So, I hope to see you all next Tuesday.


Patrick, your webmaster


Richardson’s Farm, November 11-12

With a holiday on Friday (with the Veterans Day parade) and Scouting for Food on Saturday, we’re carefully squeezing the Richardson’s Farm trip into Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Meet at Richardson’s Farm on Friday, November 11,  at 2 PM. Family, friends, cub packs, and other scouting troops are welcome to join us.

We’ll be out by 10 AM on Saturday, November 12.

Use these directions to Richardson’s Farm.

Here is the permission slip.

Cost is $20.


November News – Upcoming trips, etc.

Hey scouts,

So, the most imminent thing on our radar is… Scouting for Food. We are going to be dropping off hangers around noon on Saturday. If anything comes up regarding that, I will post here. The second phase of Scouting for food, the actual pickups, is slated for Saturday the 12th.

This leads to the next point: Richardson’s farm. Since Scouting for food is scheduled for that weekend, we have decided to push Richardson’s back to Veteran’s day. We will take part in the parade, and after will travel to Richardson’s and get started building the bonfire. We will go home Saturday, and do Scouting for food around noon of that day.

Wreath order forms are out, and have been for a while. I hope you’ve been busy selling, because the deadline is Tuesday the 10th. If you cannot make the meeting or have any questions, get in touch with Mr. Leverock.

I would also like to remind everyone that it is most likely in your best interests to join the group email list and/or the Yahoo group if you have not. Also, Ian Flannery has completed his Eagle project. Congratulations!